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So I have this idea for a Hawaii Five-0 Sentinel/Guide fic. FemDanni and Steve, of course. Here's a couple of paragraphs. 


The place was a dump, she knew it, the realtor knew it and even the damn birds knew it but still Danni considered it. She walked through the patio, oh, excuse me, lanai since she was in freak country where they didn’t even speak normal, American english. It was open and had a nice, scenic view of the dumpsters across the street. 


That was enough to cross it off her list even if she did it reluctantly. It was the fifth one just that day and the options were dwindling and her wallet tightening. She listened with half an ear as the realtor sang adulations like it was a mansion in the Hampton’s instead of a rathole in a semi decent spot in O’ahu. 

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Title: Fluid Dynamics

Author: WaterSoter

Summary: Toni thought everything was finally settling down in her life after Baltimore; but then Kate joined the team, a series of mysterious deaths kept propping up on their radar and she kept getting a strange vibe from Gibbs. Sentinel/Guide AU. 

Main Characters: Toni DiNozzo, L. Jethro Gibbs, Caitlin “Kate” Todd, Abby Sciuto, Donald “Ducky” Mallard, Timothy McGee, Gerald Jackson, Tom Morrow

Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Crime Drama, Drama, Established Relationship, Fusion, Het, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance (mostly friendship)

Series: Novel

Rating: PG-13 for canon level violence, language and disturbing topics and imagery 

Archive: Please don’t post my story anywhere else or share it without my permission.

Author’s Notes: When I was rewatching the first season of NCIS I had a thought about how Tony and Gibbs dynamic seemed to change when Gibbs brought in Kate and how that affected Tony. Then I went, what if Tony was always a girl Toni and then I thought, what if Toni and Gibbs were unverified Sentinel/Guide pairing and voila, here we go. This story is a fusion with the Sentinel and uses the concept of sentinels/guides. It's het Tibbs with always female Toni DiNozzo. Takes places after Yankee White and goes somewhat Canon AU from there.

Feedback: Yes, please. Give it to me all: the good, the bad and the ugly!! :p

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this fandom, I just love to torture them. I do own my OCs though so please don’t use them without my permission.

Warnings: Dark themes, domestic violence (discussed), murder (discussed), other trigger topics (discussed), disturbing imagery, kidnapping, murder, no beta, canon-level violence, domestic violence.

Prologue )

Chapter 1


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