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Birthdate:Mar 10
Location:United States of America
Hey guys!! I am WaterSoter, fan fiction writer, critique of stupid in media and just an all around awesome person!! :D For anyone interesting in my stories, I post under this name in and Ao3 though I haven't posted anything in the later. My writing style has changed so much since I posted my last story so you might just want to stick around here to see what I'm up to.

I'm a huge fan of Cyclops/Scott Summers in all verse, almost at that level Nightwing/Robin/Dick Grayson.

My fav TV Shows and my fav characters in them are:
NCIS - Tony DiNozzo
Criminal Minds - Spencer Reid
The Musketeers - Aramis
Stargate Atlantis - Rodney McKay
Supernatural - Dean Winchester
Numbers - Don Eppes
Elementary - Joan Watson
Star Trek the Next Generation - Will Riker
The West Wing - Sam Seaborn (Season 1-mid 3)
The Magnificent Seven (1998) - Vin Tanner
Hawaii Five-0 - Danny Williams
Mutant X - Jesse Kilmartin
The A-Team - Murdock

The Avengers/MCU - Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol - William Brandt
Iron-Man - James "Rhodes" Rhodey/War Machine
Star Wars Original Trilogy - Luke Skywalker
X-Men - Scott Summers/Cyclops
Batman/Justice League/Animated Movies - Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing
King Arthur (2004) - Arthur

X-Men Evolution - Scott Summers/Cyclops
Young Justice - Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing
Teen Titans - Dick Grayson/Robin
Avatar the Last Airbender - Zuko
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2001) - Leonardo
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002) - Adam/He-Man
X-Men Anime - Scott Summers/Cyclops
Wolverine and the X-Men - Scott Summers/Cyclops

Anime and/or Manga:
Naruto Anime/Manga - Uzumaki Naruto
Gundam Wing - Heero Yui
CardCaptor Sakura Anime - Li Syaoran
Fullmetal Alchemist - Ed Elric
Sailor Moon - Usagi/Sailor Moon
Prince of Tennis - Ryoma

X-Men - Scott Summers/Cyclops
Nightwing/Batman/Titans/et al - Dick Grayson/Nightwing

I'm a primarily gen/friendship/family writer though the pairings I do write, or when I write any romance it's usually focused more on the friendship side of things. I have never nor will I ever write incest. Just no.

The main fandoms I tend to write are X-Men, all verses, and NCIS. I write Scott Summers/Cyclops and Tony DiNozzo for the most part though I am working on stories on other fandoms. I love doing Canon AUs, and most of my stories diverge from canon or are are my own versions of the canon worlds.

Currently I am working on a Cyclops/Scott Summers centered story called Prayer From the Dying. I'll be posting the rough version of the story until completed, then I'll edit, work with betas and get it posted on my and AO3 accounts. When I first started writing fanfiction, I made the mistake of posting officially as I went and I wrote myself into a wall. So now I don't post anything on my official accounts until the story is finished. I however will post my rough drafts or bits and pieces of stories I'm working on to get opinions on them. I tend to get a lot of inspiration from feedback so I'm hoping that by posting my stories as I go here, on my LJ and the Wild Hair Project, I might be pushed to keep going on a story. I do have the bad habit of jumping from project to project. :D
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