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The Cyclops-centered X-Men Fanfiction Rec List!!! Movieverse O3

X-Men Movie Verse O3:


Year One by Likeadeuce - Alex and Scott


Alex Summers sat on the foot of Scott's hospital bed, crossed his arms, and thrust out his lower lip in that stubborn way his brother knew all too well. "I don't want to go."

Feathers by Inlovewithnight - Warren and Scott


For the past three days, it had rained, and Anna hadn't let Warren go to the park at all. On nice days, if she was in a good mood, she'd sometimes bring him to the park twice, morning and afternoon, and three days of being shut up in the apartment had been so boring he couldn't stand it.

No Choice by Dee - Ororo and Scott


Scott's life changes overwhelmingly.

Enough by Dee - Ororo and Scott, One-sided Ororo/Scott


Ororo has had enough.

Broken Home by Alara Rogers - Scott and Erik, Charles/Erik


Because divorce is hell on the kids, even the grown ones. AU powerswap challenge, M/X implied.

Connect the Dots by GrayJay - Matt (Daredevil) and Scott friendship


“So,” Matt says, after they’ve ordered. “There’s a story there, right?”

Corner Pocket by GrayJay - Matt (Daredevil) and Scott friendship


Logan’s still waiting for the day a student wanders into the rec room and gets their tiny mind blown by Cyclops, beer in hand, describing in graphic detail exactly what the blind guy across the table should do with the eight ball.

Vignette at the intersection of two friendships.

Pathfinder by Lilacsigil - Matt (Daredevil) and Scott, Jean/Scott


Scott turns to an old acquaintance to help him with the problem of hearing the voice of his dead fiancee.

Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda by Tartanshell - Reed and Scott


Scott and Reed meet while being camp counselors.

All Fall Down (have to get up again) by Fryadvocate - Team, Scott


The morning after Alcatraz, the weather was mild.

The Mutant Problem by Peter Parker - Peter and Team


You know that television show, Big Bang Theory where all the geeks live in one floor of a college dorm? That was my apartment building. There were five of us on that floor with varying flavours of dork. The skinny old building dated at least to the sixties complete with shag carpeting. Doug was the only one who didn't rip it out.

(This is not a real NYT article :0)

Cooking and Other Experiments by Penknife - Charles and Scott


They're figuring out this holiday thing.

Infinte by Inlovewithnight - Charles and Scott


"There are infinite possibilities, Scott." Professor Xavier's voice is low and soothing, deliberately so, and in all likelihood he's projecting calmness and serenity toward Scott's mind. If Scott asked, the Professor would admit it- a telepath who didn't believe in honesty was a dangerous creature. But he'll take any peace he can get, right now, even someone else's. He'll gladly take a lie.

Ion Bond by Lady Sarai - Charles and Scott


The Xavier School has a long tradition of educational field trips.

Children’s Crusade by Penknife - Charles and Scott


Sometimes the choices Charles makes aren't easy ones.

SPECIAL: the genesis of Cyclops by Minisinoo - Charles and Scott, Hank and Scott, Warren and Scott, Jean and Scott, Team


Prequel to Grail, coming-of-age. We follow Scott Summers from just before his arrival at Westchester until the Senate Hearings at the start of the X-Men film. Dark, intense, but a story of healing. Sometimes sons & fathers choose each other. Winner of 3 awards.

Grail: A Novel of Resurrection by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott, Warren/Scott, Jean/Scott/Warren, Team, Ensemble


At Alkali Lake, Jean Grey gave her life to save her fellows. But if so, what's risen from the water? A little bit ghost story, a little bit mystery, a little bit suspense. Occurs after X-Men 2, does not assume X-Men 3. This is my own Dark Phoenix Saga; semi-sequel to SPECIAL, with X-Men 1 and 2 in between.

Case X1743: Unresolved X-Files/X-Men Movie by Minisinoo - Scott and Charles, Mulder and Scully


X-FilesX-Men the Movie crossover: In 1996, Mulder and Scully investigated a case wherein a teenager reputedly pulverized the wall of his high school bathroom while at his senior prom ‘with red beams that came out of his eyes.’ X-Day 2003: Best Crossover

The Room with a Computer by Minisinoo - Hermione and Scott. Harry Potter/X-Men Movie Crossover


Hogwarts has a new professor of Muggle studies -- who happens to be a Muggle.  Minerva McGonagall is skeptical, Hermione is curious, Ron is jealous, Ginny is impressed, and Harry has questions.  Arthur Weasley finally gets a plane ride.  Post X2/Book 6.

Letters and Papers from Prison by Minisinoo - Rogue and Erik


A young woman’s visit, figurative and literal, with a man in a plastic prison. Serious subject matter. Rogue ensemble, movieverse

Drift by Penknife - Charles/Erik, Jean and Scott


For the moment, they're prepared to drift.

Children’s Crusade by Penknife - Charles, Scott and Bobby


Sometimes the choices Charles makes aren't easy ones.

The Light Gets Into Your Heart by St_Aurafina - Emma, Scott, Jean and Ororo, Charles/Erik


After Three Mile Island, Emma and Scott don't let their defences down easily. (Wolverine Origins)

Aviation by Penknife - Team


Scott tries to be a restraining influence on his friends, with limited success.

System Restore by Inlovewithnight - Tony Stark and Scott


When Scott finally gives up and lets himself fall to the floor, exhausted and bruised and shaky from head to toe, he looks up and sees Tony watching him from the doorway.


King of Night Vision by Mesamea - Jean/Scott


Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there. Seven times Scott knew about the Phoenix.

Bring Our Your Dead by Apathy - Jean/Scott


All actions have consequences.

The Busy Griefs by Likeadeuce - Ororo and Scott, Jean/Scott


Someone has to fly the goddamn plane. Post X2.

Where Dreams are Found and Lost by Inlovewithnight - Logan and Scott friendship, Jean/Scott


Me, well I lost my faith when I lost my wife

Them things don't seem to matter much to me now

Tonight I'll be on that hill `cause I can't stop

I'll be on that hill with everything I got

Lives on the line where dreams are found and lost

The Rest by Orphan_Account - Jean/Scott


Scott and Jean see Logan shopping at Whole Foods. Post X1.

Bad Day by Likeadeuce - Ororo, Logan and Scott, Jean/Scott


Scott has bad days. Post X2.

Paideia by Musamea - Scott and Bobby, Jean/Scott


Kalos k’agathos. Scott teaching in the classroom, and out of it.

Ceremony of Innocence by Marvelous - Logan/Scott, OMC/Scott, Jean/Scott


Scott has a rough time of it at Alkali Lake. (non-con warning)

Five Pounds by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


Scott brings Jean an unexpected present for Valentine’s Day. Scott POV. Valentine’s sap, but not Valentine’s ‘ship.

Mutant Darwin Awards by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott, Ororo, Jean and Scott


“Slice of life” fiction. What do they do when they’re not teaching class, chasing bad guys or chasing each other ? Humor; Jean - Storm - Scott friendship, movieverse.

Of Teletubbies and Mutants on Saturday Mornings by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


Cyclops -- on true love, prejudice and big multicolored British imports. '80 proof dry irony warning.

All My Relations by Minisinoo - Logan and Scott friendship, Jean/Scott


Scott deals with the inevitable. A death that he caused. Scott & Logan friendship. Not a 'character death' story.

Red Hair and Quesadillas by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


Scott and Jean have an afternoon to themselves in town.  Scott on red hair, ice cream, and Mexican food.  Jean makes an announcement that takes him by surprise.

Goddess of the Moon by Minisinoo - OFC and Scott, Jean/Scott


Almost ten years after graduation, Scott has an unexpected high school reunion in LaGuardia International Airport.

Sleepy Dragon by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


A celebration of sex between long-time lovers; it doesn't have to be new to be meaningful. Adult

101 and not Dalmatians by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


Cyclops on sex, men, and relationships. And Romance novels. S/J, adult, humor

Bitch by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott, Charles and Jean


Jean overhears some private thoughts.  Bitch!Jean seen (tongue-in-cheek) from the other side.

Like Water by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott, Jean/Logan


Sometimes the thing you fear the most is knowing for sure. Cyclops' POV

Idle Musings of a Woman at Eighty by Minisinoo - Jean/Logan, Jean/Scott


An old woman on age, men, and good endings.  Jean POV.

Agonia by Minisinoo - Kurt and Scott, Jean/Scott


Not everything meant well causes comfort. X2 Scott POV

Anahinga by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


The gulf stretching on my left is as vast as the horizon and as endless as my grief ... X2 Scott POV

Broken by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


Friendships, like marriages, are dependant on avoiding the unforgivable." Jean and Scott talk; Jean is finally honest. Things are broken, albeit not necessarily what one expects.

Till We Have Faces by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


A Preface.

He Who Has Ears to Hear by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


A Prologue.

How the Leopard Changed Her Spots by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


PowerSwap Alternate Universe. A different Scott, a different Jean. Montague and Capulet. Are they still who they are, if they aren't who we recognize? Retelling of X1, novella

A Rose by Any Other Name Still Has Thorns by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


An Epilogue.

I’d Sure Hate to Break Down Here by Minisinoo - Ororo and Pietro, Jean/Scott


Three conversations in Ororo's Garden. Post X2. Features Storm and a comics character introduced to movieverse. Written for the 2005 XMM Ficathon. Not a romance, not a songfic title notwithstanding.

An Accidental Interception of Fate by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


When Harry Met Sally, mutant style. Prequel novel depicts early years at Xavier's, college-Scott, rise of the X-Men, why he and Jean fell in love, & the breakdown of a telepath when her powers explode catastrophically. No knowledge of X-Men needed.

Micky Blue Eyes & Body Memory by Minisinoo - Jean/Scott


Without the visor, just who is Scott Summers? Would finally finding a way to control his power without it be a blessing - or a curse in disguise? Short-story Duology.

Climb the Wind by Minisinoo - Logan and Scott friendship, Jean/Scott


Logan and Scott are held prisoner; the descent of the hero and his redemption. Winner of 5 awards, including Hall of Fame. This is dark, if no tragedy. Reader discretion recommended; there's a lot of brutality. The inspiration is Homer's ILIAD. Semi-sequel to AN ACCIDENTAL INTERCEPTION OF FATE, with X-Men 1 in between. (non-con warning)

The Great Marriage Boondoggle by Mara Greengrass - Jean/Scott


Spring fever hits the school and Jean has just the solution.

Renovations and Repairs by Mara Greengrass - Jean/Scott


After the events of X2, Scott deals with some damage. (Based on the movie novelization)

Great Scott by Ridesandruns - Jean/Scott


Jean plus JellO shots equals TMI

The Lady, the Leader and the Bump in the Road by Nefret24 - Jean/Scott


ScottJean- movieverse. Chapter 8 uploaded. Jean and Scott talk about Logan, flirting, and how to save each other from themselves. Please RR.

Pasts Imperfect by Juliebmr - Jean/Scott


Many years ago, Scott's and Logan's pasts intersected. What will the knowledge of that intersection hold for the future of them both?

Phoenix Rising by Juliebmr - Jean/Scott


Jean Grey was lost at Alkali Lake. Or was she? (My version of Dark Phoenix.) COMPLETE. 12 Chapters.

Scylla and Charybdis by Juliebmr - Jean/Scott


Scott Summers goes to college where he loses love and finds love, all while the roots of the X-Men take hold.

Rebirth and Awakenings by Juliebmr - Jean/Scott


How Scott Summers got to the Xavier Institute -- and what he found there.

Wedding Bells by Juliebmr - Jean/Scott


Scott and Jean finally get married. And not even Magneto gets in their way.

Laundry by Penknife - Charles and Scott, Jean/Scott


Things don't always end neatly.

Normal by Penknife - Team, Jean/Scott


Scott's had to think about his alternatives. Not X3-compliant.

Closer by Penknife - Jean/Scott


Telepathy doesn't solve all their problems. Maybe it doesn't solve any of them.

Twenty Random Facts about Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters buy  Penknife - Team, Jean/Scott


Inspired by the round of HP fandom stories based on this LJ meme. Post-X2, not X3-compliant.

Home Maintenance by Penknife - Jean/Scott


Being a teacher at Xavier's School for the Gifted has never been easy. Scott hopes he's doing it right.

Reindeer Games by Penknife - Jean/Scott


Jean feels Scott is overthinking reindeer.

Opposite Attract by Penknife - Jean/Scott


There's a fine line between love and need, or maybe there's no difference at all. Written for Minisinoo's Power Swap challenge.

Eyes Burning Bright by Inlovewithnight - Jean/Scott


X3 AU. Creepy!!

Simple by Scrollsofthoth - Jean/Scott


After a member of the X-Men is kidnapped, the Professor sends Scott out to rescue her. Written for Minisinoo’s Powerswap Challenge.

Looking for the Enemy by Wallace - Jean/Scott


You are not in denial. (ScottJean, post X2)

Imbalance by Likeadeuce - Jean/Scott, Charles/Erik


Something is wrong with this game. Young X-men and a dreidel. No spoilers, though foreshadows X3.

Fear the Rest by Penknife - Charles/Erik, Jean/Scott, Team


Charles Xavier's never been sure how it became a war. This is how. The story of the founding of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Freefall by Penknife - Jean/Scott, Charles/Erik


AU. If Scott had been a little quicker on the uptake, X2 might have gone more like this. After an impromptu prison break, the X-Men, Magneto, and Mystique try to work together without anyone falling apart. Gen, with references to various pairings.

Teamwork by Penknife - Jean/Scott, Warren/Jean


Scott wants to be alone for a while, but that's not in the cards. A sequel to part 5 of "Chess Problems," one year later.

Looking for Normal by Inlovewithnight - Reed and Scott, Jean/Scott


The condolence card arrived a week after Alkalai Lake. At first Scott thought, with a kind of dizzy hysteria, that it must be magic. How could they know? he thought, turning the little piece of heavy paper back and forth in his hands, staring at the embossed gold cover expressing sympathy for his loss and then the delicate script inside saying the same thing over again. Has one of them turned up with telepathy now? Does that kind of mutation work on a delay?

Sin City for Beginners by Inlovewithnight - Tony Stark, Reed and Scott, Jean/Scott (Crossover Iron-Man/Fantastic Four/X-Men Movie)


The interior of Tony Stark's private jet was done up in wood paneling and red leather, like it had escaped directly from some late-70s model of boys-club decadence. Scott had spent the last three hours trying to decide if that was meant as an ironic statement or a terrifyingly unironic one. It was impossible to say.

Fortunate Voyager by Mara Greengrass - Team, Jean/Scott (Enterprise/X-Men Movie Crossover)


When the X-Men unexpectedly appear on the Enterprise NX-01, both sides are in for culture shock and a rough ride.

Scott/Other Female:

Like a Window in Your Heart by Likeadeuce - Lee Forrester/Scott


X-Men Movieverse post-X2. A guy, a girl, and a shrimp boat.



Smoke Signals by St_Aurafina - Logan/Scott, Jean/Scott


Set post-X3, assuming Scott survived Alkali Lake

House of Wax by St_Aurafina - Logan/Scott, Jean/Scott


Logan, Scott, a cigar, and chest waxing.

Once Upon a Time in Madripoor by St_Aurafina - Logan/Scott


Someone's luring depowered mutants to Madripoor. Logan knows exactly the person to call on.

Letting Go by Cousinshelley - Logan/Scott


Logan can't believe that no one's looking for Scott.

If I Have to Drag You Kicking and Screaming by Orphan_Account - Logan/Scott


Logan's getting Scott out of the house if he has to drag him out kicking and screaming.

Keeping Up Appearances by Sabinelagrande - Logan/Scott


Just another road trip. I swear.

All of the Animals by Jane St Clair - Logan/Scott, Jean/Scott


Scott makes a compromise. Very interesting!!

Instinctual Living by Fourteencandles (thingsbaker) - Logan/Scott, Jean/Scott


What happened in the Danger Room stayed there. Things are not as they seem.

A Questionable Proposition by Mo - Logan/Scott


Logan left abruptly but Scott wants him back. For a mission.

The Answer is Yes by Nix - Logan/Scott


Set a long time in the future. Scott remembers the battles he's fought, the friends he's lost and muses on the only person to survive as long.

All the Way Home by Handyhunter - Logan/Scott


Post X2 to that hallway scene in X3. Lyrics from Bruce Springsteen's "All the Way Home”.

Through His Eyes by Littlevera - Logan/Scott


Logan thought he knew everything he could about Scott. But he didn't know about this. (Inspired by the photos of James Marsden for his movie, The Heights)

Simpatico by Menel - Logan/Scott


Stuck in the Danger Room, the field leader and the newest X-Man have an unexpected heart-to-heart (with no claws or force beams involved).

Revisionist History by Medie - Logan/Scott


He's missed a lot, still has more to catch up on, and he's had this feeling that something's been left out, edited.

In the Beginning by Cyndrarae - Logan/Scott, Jean/Scott


It began with a love story… how Logan comes to join the X-Men.

Out of Character by Minisinoo - Logan/Scott, Jean/Scott


Scott and Sambuca, surprises for Logan, Jean pursued, & the jitterbug. Logan POV.

Scott/Other Male:

Children of the Atom by Askani'daughter - Warren/Scott, Gambit/Scott


Gambit helps Cyclops come out of the closet and he leaves the X-Men for a year. But on return, will he find love with someone he desires?

Playing Hard to Get by St_Aurafina - Tony/Scott


Tony Stark is trying to break into superhero society. Scott Summers can't get away fast enough.

This Close to You by St_Aurafina - Tony/Scott


Scott and Tony do some training.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? by St_Aurafina - Tony/Scott


A protest at Stark Industries proves unexpectedly enlightening for Tony.

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The Cyclops X-Men Fanfiction Rec List!!! Ultimateverse

The Cyclops X-Men Fanfiction Rec List!!! First Class Retcon Trilogy

The Cyclops X-Men Fanfiction Rec List!!! Cartoonverse Evolution

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